How Fun Run Events Work

Step 1

Join for a race

Join the Event/race you want and start your journey towards earning yourself a piece of Virtual Runner bling!

Step 2

Start Event

Start your event from your “My Event” page. Go to the page select the event and tap on the run button to start recording your distance.

Step 3

Race in your own time

You can complete your virtual race at home on a treadmill(depend on event type), at the gym on a treadmill or even with a group of running buddies - you can compete anywhere in the world!

Step 4

Use the app to run

You should use Get Set Run app for tracking your runs for any fun run event hosted by Get Set Run platform.

Step 5

Get Your Rewards

After event finish, every finisher will get an email request for the delivery address. A few days later, you will receive your well-deserved bling in the post!(for rewards check in event detail section)

Good luck!