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5k Run for our planet!?

Event Details

World Environment Day 5k running event

Join our World Environment Day running event from June 5th to June 12th and help raise awareness about the environment. The industry and motor vehicles are polluting our air, water, and soil. So say no to cars and pollution and join us for a 5k run. The event is free so bring all your family and friends, pick a nice route and Get Set, Run! You can run anywhere, but for this special day, we would suggest a nice park or some natural surroundings where you can enjoy fresh air and rest your eyes on some greenery. Get away from cars and computer screens, do something good for yourself and the planet.

Event Dates

Event Start Date: 05th Jun 2018
Event End Date: 12th Jun 2018
Last Registration Date: 12th Jun 2018


Every finisher will get 200C Credits.

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