Discover or create your own Get Set Run opportunity.

At Get Set Run, we believe in the power of running, and the power of community. We want to put both of those front and center, and our unique global platform allows us to do just that. Whether you’re a running-related event organizer, a running-related brand, or an individual runner or group leader, we were born to help you.

Discover or create your own Get Set Run opportunity.

Run with connected purpose. Together. Anywhere. Anytime. In our experience as runners, the world is mostly a better place when you’re healthier and active. We’re intent on removing many of the barriers preventing people from running, by focusing on connection, motivation, purpose, rewards and community. Helping a few million people across the globe would be reward enough.

To inspire global, collective moment

If we can bring people in the running world together to help them achieve their personal fitness goals, or elevate awareness of a charity that bit higher, or promote a community’s new marathon, or simply help runners connect with one another and challenge each other to do more… then we think that’s quite powerful and worthwhile.

We invite you to learn more about how Get Set Run can best serve you.