World’s preeminent virtual running event platform

At Get Set Run, we believe in the power of running, and the power of community. We want to put both of those front and center, and our unique global platform allows us to do just that. Whether you’re a running-related event organizer, a running-related brand, or an individual runner or group leader, we were born to help you.

A Global Mission

Our mission is simple – to bring people in the running world together and help them achieve their goals, whether that’s bringing visibility to their charity runs, promoting their community’s new marathon, or just helping runners connect with one another and challenge each other to do more.

A Clear Vision

Our vision is clear – we strive to do good in the world. We strive to ensure that you are able to build the global visibility necessary to host a successful running even. We provide the tools runners need to improve their game, connect with other runners, and more.

Building a Better Community

Runners are members of a unique community, and that community spans international borders. We act as the bridge, bringing people together around the world, helping the connect, and form supportive communities.

We invite you to learn more about Get Set Run and how we can ensure your next event is the best it can be.