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Get Set Run is a rewards-focused, borderless community platform to participate in or host virtual running events.

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Check out some of the fun and challenging virtual running events created with Get Set Run around the world.

Oktoberfest Marathon

Octoberfest Running & Cycling Event

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5K Fall Run

Say Goodbye to Summer and Welcome Fall

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A Dancer's Heart Love Run 5K

A Dancer's Heart Love Run 5K

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Labor Day Weekend Events

Labor Day Weekend Celebration

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National Women's Equality Day

Join running and cycling event on 23rd Aug.

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National Honey Bee Day

Join running and cycling event on 16th Aug.

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Sprint 5K Series

Exclusive 5K Running Series

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Swift 5K Series

Exclusive 5K Cycling Series

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Featured Runners

Putting on your shoes is often the hardest part. Get to know other global community members using Get Set Run.

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Create an event. Incite a movement.

Anyone, anywhere, with a passion, a reason or a cause can create and host a running event. We’re removing the barriers so you can challenge your friends, engage an audience and incite a movement.

Promote awareness
Fundraise for a cause
Grow an event business

Personal Challenge Record

Personal Challenges are there to encourage people to take action and get moving. From the sofa to soles. Each challenge helps runners improve while offering unique rewards and benefits. Get started now!

The perfect connection for brands

Borderless participation, community and personal progress connected by that deeper why … It all adds up to quite a powerful relationship foundation.

Our ethos is that if Get Set Run connects brand partners with event creators and communities of runners through unique, interesting and meaningful experiences there is a tremendous opportunity for everyone.

Want to learn more? We invite you to get in touch with us today, or download the mobile app.


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